Writing a Book Called CHOICE

A primary life project of mine is the lifelong dream of publishing a book.

In elementary school I was avidly focused on writing and telling stories of all kinds. I even won the Illinois Young Author Contest one year for a story called Sally and the Secret Cave.

Stories came to me in pictures, just like reading a picture book; the same when I read them. I knew someday I wanted to give someone that experience of my own, from me. I just didn't know what the story or the message could truly be.

One thing you know about me is that I believe in womxn supporting womxn and that a modern collective of womxn together is so much stronger than one alone; strong and powerful as she is.

You also know that I am a believer in transparency and in curating transparent relationships with my clients.

I also practice this concept in my personal life.

It is one thing to see the #metoo movement played out in headlines with powerful and influential people the topic of their stories.

It is another thing to bring that #metoo movement into our homes and tell these same stories with ourselves as the headlines.

To this end, it is an easier thing for me to bring this concept to life in one book so the voice of each individual womxn who wishes to tell her story will be included as a collective voice of womxn in the book I am writing, called CHOICE.

Let Your Voice Be Heard Here

Your voices will be heard alongside my own life experiences in an effort to amplify our combined voices.

Our hope is that by reading these stories other womxn will identify with their own and that societal change will want to purchase what we're selling.



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