Alt Text on Images are Fully in Use on Twitter

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Twitter like many other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook has FINALLY provided its users with the ability to add Alternative Text also known as “Alt Text” to their images when tweeting!

If your goal is to impact as many of your current followers, and also reach new potential followers on Twitter it is a MUST for you to use the Alt Text feature on your platforms going forward!

What will be covered in this post?

  • What is “Alt Text”?

  • How to Use “Alt Text” on Your Twitter Photos

What is “Alt Text”?

The main purpose of this feature is to make sure images are more accessible to all followers and users on a given platform. This means that visually impaired Twitter users with voice reader capabilities can listen to Twitter content when the “Alt Text” feature is used on posted images.

This is an innovative feature that really considers all individuals who consume data on this platform; since all users may not have the same visual abilities when using Twitter.(i.e. followers who may be blind or have low vision)

How to Use Alt Text on Twitter

This feature is actually quite simple to use.

  1. After you’ve added an image to your tweet, use the “Edit” button in the upper right corner and click on the word “ALT”, a pop-up will appear, which provides a brief explanation of “Alt Text” benefits.

  2. Once “Sure” is selected, you will have the option to add the text you would like to use to describe the image or content of your tweet within this field.

  3. Once you’ve added your content, and Alt Text your tweet can be posted!

Pro Tip: There is a max of 1,000 characters, so be sure to use your characters effectively when writing alt text!

twitter photo of rainforest showing alt text description
Twitter Alt Text on Images

The “Alt Text” feature is extremely important in ensuring inclusivity to all. It’s important to remember that with the lack of Federal website guidelines, means individuals with visual and hearing impairments have a much harder time understanding website content. These individuals are consumers as well, and deserve the same capabilities as everyone else.

Whether it be ordering a pizza, hearing your content, or understanding what an image shows; with the increase in technological advancements it’s important for these platforms to keep up with the times and enhance the inclusiveness they offer.

This means there is no cherry-picking like school dodgeball, on who gets to participate in 100% of Twitter’s content. The use of this feature is an added benefit that will help to expand the amount of data, ALL followers can review on this app!

I applaud Twitter on this value added to their platform, and can’t wait to see what other impactful tools can be added to help businesses and influencers reach 100% of the Twitter population; this would benefit you in reaching your defined target audiences.

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