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Better with Bethany + The Better Co.

Better with Bethany: Welcome
Better with Bethany: About


After working with Modern Co. Marketing to establish her Brand Guidelines, Messaging, Define her Target Market and clarify her Ideal Client, and assist with website maintenance - Better with Bethany's business was booming!

While most real estate agents were on the edge of their quotas, wondering how 2020 would turn out, Bethany was business setting up her Virtual Home-Buying Program and closing deals. In fact, she doubled her business during quarantine and hasn't stopped climbing since!

Originally, Bethany Reyes didn't see herself as a real estate agent with a team, but as her business grew she realized it was a no-brainer. Enter The Better Co. and a brand new era for Better with Bethany!

*Any website changes that may have occurred after project completion are not attributed to Modern Co. Marketing.

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Better with Bethany: Testimonials

Bethany Reyes

Defining my Ideal Client  has completely changed my business. Before, maybe 50% of my clients were awesome, amazing, and trusted my guidance. It's crazy how many of my clients are my Ideal Client now. I would say over 95% already!

Better with Bethany: List


Creating a Visual Brand

Bethany's branding was close, but still not-quite-there when she first started working with Modern Co. Marketing in 2019. We quickly took her from "ehh" to "that's it!" by creating new brand mood boards, refining the color palette, assigning typography and implementing Better with Bethany's new branding across all channels and marketing materials.


From Top to Bottom

Bethany's original website served a purpose, but now it works as a marketing tool for Better with Bethany. From hosting virtual seminars, providing client education, and connecting new payment methods - the new Better with Bethany website, representing The Better Co. is sleeker than ever!


Creating Processes that Work

Modern Co. Marketing created a marketing strategy for Better with Bethany that aligned with the company's 2020 Business Goals. To seamlessly implement this strategy into Better with Bethany's day-to-day, we created a Content Calendar to keep the team (and content creation) on track and on time!

Better with Bethany: About


We love nothing more than ensuring our clients are as happy as can be - and that's definitely the case with Better with Bethany! Through our hard work together over a year's timeframe, Better with Bethany saw a:

  • 824% Increase in Website Traffic Overall

  • 261.84% in Website Traffic from Social

  • 2x Annual Income (2020 vs 2019)

  • 95% Ideal Client Attraction

  • Created The Better Co. Child Brand 

  • Hosted the First Ever Virtual BeComing Seminar

  • Implemented 2020 Marketing Strategy

Better with Bethany: Text


Bethany Reyes, Better with Bethany + The Better Co.

"My name is Bethany Reyes. I'm a real estate agent in the Metro Detroit area and a current client of Modern Co. Marketing. I cannot tell you how much Sarah and Modern Co. Marketing have done for my business. It's so big that it's hard for me to put into words.

I started with Sarah in 2019 and when I first started I was thinking, "This is a lot of money," because I was at a point in my business where I hadn't spent money on marketing yet. It was worth every penny and then some!

I have been able to double my business, despite there being shutdowns in 2020 and in the real estate world that's crazy because we weren't able to show homes for a good two months! I'm still on track to double my business this year.

Also, the clients that I'm serving? I went from 50% of my business being my Ideal Client, or people I really enjoy serving, to about 95%! Not only has my business increased but so has the quality of business that I have, my interactions with clients, my happiness and my stress level has all improved! That's, in part, due to what Modern Co. Marketing has done for me!

Modern Co. Marketing has helped me build my website, created a Brand Book, and helped me not only create what my message is but to be more clear on it (even when I'm just speaking about it, let alone writing about it)!

I've referred 7 clients to Modern Co. Marketing now and everyone has had a great experience. I am continuing to work with Modern Co. Marketing and don't even hesitate to make the investment because I know it's worth it! 

What's unique about Sarah is that she takes more time to really understand you and your business, and to make sure that she comes up with a marketing strategy that fits you and that feel really good! I would sit down with Sarah, she'd lay the marketing strategy out and it felt like Bethany! It felt authentically me, but with a marketing genius hat on!

If you're looking for someone to help you see the best in your company, highlight the best in your company and even help with the direction of your company - I couldn't recommend Modern Co. Marketing and Sarah more."

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